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EliteSolutions prides itself on it abilities to deliver a wide ranges of IT Services aimed at Small Business. With 15 years of knowledge EliteSolutions employee's hold some of the most sought after qualifications in the computer industry. Combined with our experience and desire to see you succeed, these qualifications can give you confidence that we are committed to your business success.

With great affiliate partners such as Microserve - Compusmart - Think Communications - Case Computing - Cube Intermedia EliteSolutions is able to call on a vast team of experts with diverse skills. This gives us the confidence that we can deliver on solutions no matter how complex.

We are one of the few businesses on Vancouver Island that actually strives to offer sensible solutions for your business. Read about some classic but true examples on how some businesses operate on Vancouver Island.


Today's Small Business often have complex networks - or require complex solutions. EliteSolutions becomes your in-house technical support without adding a huge cost burden. Our services are delivered at very competitive rates - and our invoices are always fair.


FAQ # 1


Some local companies ask businesses to prepay block time to save money. Our rates are great from the get go on average we are $25.00 to as much as $50.00 per hour cheaper then our competitors. So why pay for IT Services in advance?


Our business has been designed around the concept of the virtual office which makes use of technologies we support such as Voice Over IP - Microsoft Terminal Services - VPN Solutions. In simple terms why have an expensive office location when 90% of our work is conducted offsite? This concept has allowed us to keep our rates substantially lower then our competitors and still offer Enterprise IT Solutions to small business.


Our services are offered as pay as go, or you can use or Managed Network Services. Either way you know that your always getting our best service rate which in the long run will save money on your IT expenditures.

So do the math and you will find that IT Solutions can be affordable with EliteSolutions


FAQ # 2


EliteSolutions only invoices for actual services performed. This means inquiry calls - product quotes - consulting are not normal billable items. All our invoices are reviewed by management to ensure details and time is accurate. It would be rare if not impossible to ever receive an invoice from EliteSolutions that you the client would dispute.


FAQ # 3


Fanatical Service to all clients. EliteSolutions understands that computers drive your business and no matter how busy we are, we will get you serviced. With our remote support abilities this task becomes easier as we are able to service far more computers during the day. In addition we have adjusted our business hours to ensure that we are open during times that count. You can expect technical support between 7:00 AM - 9:00 PM Pacific Time Monday - thru - Friday. Weekends and holidays call our tech line.


FAQ # 4


Fantastic products at very competitive prices. Do you qualify for public sector prices? No problem we can do that. In fact our sales team delivers the best prices on Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Software, Printer Supplies. See our quote form and get a quote from EliteSolutions. We have access to some of the best pricing on Vancouver Island for HP - IBM - Acer - Touch.


FAQ # 5

We have the right certifications. more info >>>>



680 Terminal Ave N Nanaimo BC V9S 4K2

Nanaimo 741-9875 - Victoria 483 - 6723

email: info@EliteSolutions.info or salesinfo@EliteSolutions.info

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