What We Do With Our SEO Service

Our SEO Service includes the following:

  1. Review your current competitors based on your keywords and phrases. Our software helps us determine those competitors.
  2. Check phrases with overture - this helps us determine if they are suitable and this will indicate other phrases that should be used.
  3. Review competitors website and structure to determine why they rank well. Again our software helps us with this.
  4. Review your website content and rewrite were needed for best placement of keywords.
  5. Review your Meta Tags and adjust as needed.
  6. Review your website with our software to see how it measures against your competitors.
  7. Update your website sitemaps and create special maps for Google and submit Google site maps. This helps speed up Google with indexing your site.
  8. Review your competitors backlinks and try to match. This means finding suitable link partners which is a time intense effort but pays huge dividends done the road.
  9. Submit your site to various directories - ( not search engines)

Once the SEO effort is started we use our special software to track progress with rankings based on selected keywords and phrases. We compare search engine rankings to your website stats to see if there is a correlation between the two. Again during this process Overture is used to review search phrases to determine if they are still suitable. During our tracking process it is our aim to get as many of your inside pages ( not just your home page ) ranked in the Search Engines.


You will find that SEO work is time intense and it is not uncommon to spend as much as 20 hours per month devoted to one website.


EliteSolutions provides affordable Professional SEO Services for Vancouver Island.




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