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EliteSolutions has been invloved with technical training and computer training for the past 12 years. With extensive training experience and expertise EliteSolutions is able to offer a unique training experience that brings success.



Our training approach starts with an in-depth consultation of the training needs based on the software you use, and how you use that software in your daily work place. Based on that info all training material is tailored to suit your company and how you use software. At times training costs can be reduced by utilizing third party training material however in most cases we do recommend this tailored fit of training handouts.

Based on all the information a training lab is produced that matches your work place. This training lab can be quite elaborate to include mock ups of your servers, file path locations and the list goes on. We do find that when training for a business the more we can match your actual environment the more relevant the training becomes for your staff.


Our training room offers the following;

  • Well positioned in Nanaimo.
  • Excellent Parking and close to restaurants.
  • Climate controlled. This is very important as nothing is worse then a room that is too warm or to cold.
  • Great visual aids using a projector and a large screen.
  • new laptops configured as needed.
  • accommodate a max of nine students.
  • All our classes are driven with visual presentation and student hands on.

Over the years we have found that computer training is best delivered in a six hour session and again all our courses aim that for that. As always we strive for the right balance of time versus the amount of material to be covered.


As mentioned our approach is also to hit on learning styles which we know to be affective.  Our instructors are well experienced and can quickly determine how to best gain those high results....max retention...max satisfaction.


Our normal training rate is based on a per day cost of 375.00 and our training room is $125.00 per day. Training materials are separate and priced accordingly, and other costs may be involved for special setups etc.


If your company is interested in a customized training solution feel free to send us an email to We will be more then glad to discuss your training needs.


NEW Service Announcement


We are now able to offer comprehensive online one on one instructor led training. Rates are $55.00 per hour. You will require our software for this service. More details on this service can be obtained by viewing the following web page ---> remote support services and online training


Some of the courses we have designed and taught are;

  • Designed and implemented Microsoft MCSE courses for schools such Vancouver Career College, Ahead Institute of Technology.
  • Microsoft Server Products such as Exchange Server, Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft SQL Server, for Government and Businesses through GP Learning and SHL Learning
  • Numerous Cisco CCNA courses.
  • Numerous Microsoft Office courses for businesses and government to address users with all skill levels.
  • Custom Software such as Interface for the Vancouver Real Estate Board.


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