Technology News

 Technology News

Cool Software

Every once in a while I find neat software and cool products. As a busy administrator one software products that is great is Desktop Authority from ScriptLogic. Feel free to contact me for pricing info at Hennessy Information System is the reseller for Script Logic on Vancouver Island. If you would like a demo of this product email me at the above address or call me at 250-753-0731 and I will arrange a live demo of Desktop Authority. Feel the power of this software without the price of Microsoft Management Server

Wireless Networks

Looking to make a wireless network? Call EliteSolutions or Hennessy Information Systems as we can make your wireless network secure and functional. Trust in the fact that we are certified in wireless technology and we will ensure that you are using superior products that offer security, reliability, and performance.

Linux Solutions

Looking for an excellent file server? Well Novell's SuSe Product line offers real viable solutions for today's network. While Linux is not quite ready for the desktop arena it has certainly matured into an excellent alternative Microsoft Windows Servers and even Novell Netware Server's.

EliteSolutions is a proud supporter of Linux  and uses Red Hat Enterprise Server as one of its main servers. Call us today or email for more info regarding how your business could use Linux as a low cost alternative to other OS Network Solutions.



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