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MaxNet IT Solutions will no longer sell Sonicwall Products and our support for Sonicwall will be limited. While this move can be deemed a bold move for Vancouver Island the simple truth is:

  1. Sonicwalls are darn expensive and it is questionable as to whether Sonicwall Products such as TZ 170 are actually worth their intial costs. An example price TZ 170 licensed for 10 users is over $700.00.
  2. Companies looking for VPN options will find that Sonicwalls addon features are also expensive. Again example a TZ 170 is licensed for a total of 3 VPN tunnels by default. Extra tunnels cost more money.
  3. Sonicwall OS while powerfull is confusing and complex configurations are confusing and time consuming to configure.
  4. Sonicwall Technical Support - Firmware updates require a support contract which must be renewed each year. Again at over $200.00 per year this is an added expense.
  5. Sonicwall technical support is at best 4 out of 10. When we call technical support on products we expect experts not ho hums.

To ensure that MaxNet IT Solutions can continue to provide support for these products MaxNet IT Solutions Network Engineers have attended various Sonicwall Courses however if your current Sonicwall solution does not have a support contract we may run into situations that cannot be easily resolved.





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