Remote Desktop Support

While a personal service call can never be replaced the simple truth is that a large number of our support calls can be fixed remotely. Our Remote Support is designed to do the following; SAVE MaxNet money - SAVE YOU THE CLIENT MONEY.


With the rising cost of maintaining a mobile service fleet our remote desktop support is the perfect solution to maintaining an acceptable cost to our service calls and still provide that fanatical support that we are known for. All you need is our remote client and an internet connection.


The main features to this service are:


  • Windows operating systems Windows 98 to Windows 2003 are supported. Our service does not support Apples or Linux.
  • While broadband connections are the referred modem dial up connections can also be used.
  • Complete networks can be supported without configuration to firewalls or client computers.
  • Services rates are cheaper then actual service calls and all invoices are billed to the nearest 15 minutes.
  • There are no contracts or hidden costs. Unlike other companies that offer comparable services your business is not required to make costly purchases or pay money up front.
  • Service hours are between 7:00 AM to 9:00PM Pacific Time Monday to Friday. On weekends remote support will be offered on a per call basis.
  • Our service offers considerable security features that sets our solution apart from the others.




Our Remote Support Can Perform the Following:


  • run queries on drivers - view events even on Windows 98 computers - examine running processes and terminate as needed
  • Windows registry can be changed
  • Drivers for hardware such as printers and other devices can be installed
  • Install Network printers - Create network shares - even move files around
  • Install software - update software - apply security patches
  • Create and manage backups - restore corrupted files
  • Can be used for one on one software training



Terms of Our Remote Service


To utilize this service you must request to download our software


Please use our form to make your request. >>>>


  • When you download our software you will be required as part of the installation to provide your name, address, email address. This information will be used for billing purposes and you will be notified via email that your software has been successfully registered to MaxNet. If you are concerned about providing this information you are welcome to review our privacy policy. This information is collected strictly for billing reasons, and to identify clients when they request service.
  • You as a client once you have installed our software and request service you are also acknowledging that you are accepting MaxNet IT Solutions billing rates of $55.00 per hour. Our preferred billing method is invoices sent via email, however postal mail can also be used.
  • Our Billing is by invoice only and all invoices are due on receipt. We do not send monthly statements unless your accounting dept require those arrangements.
  • Should you request a service call and our Support Engineers are not able to resolve your issue there will be no charge for that service instance.
  • Should a support call require additional resources such as support from Microsoft you will be billed for those extra services. In instances where deemed necessary MaxNet IT Solutions may turn over support calls to Microsoft or other Support Companies in which case you will be billed by those companies and not MaxNet IT Solutions.



While MaxNet IT Solutions stands behind their work there are no warranties for any remote service support.


Complaints - please direct all complaints to company President John Rice





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