Our Business Philosophy

EliteSolutions understands small business - after all we are also a small business. As we service small business with technical solutions it is very important that we keep our services and solutions


  1. Sensible for all businesses. We have tailored our services to provide the best for small business. Now businesses can deal with one technical provider and enjoy a host of services and solutions.
  2. Maintain our cost of doing business. Sure we would love to have a downtown office space or high profile store front - with all the latest gadets. But truth is we really don't require these things. After all our work is done on your site - or remotely. Clients do not visit us - we visit them. So why have these expensive business options? By maintaining a private office - quality cell phones - laptops - quality internet connection - exceptional software for technical support, great technical people we have managed to keep our operating costs down. This means that we charge one of the best rates on Vancouver Island for Technical Support.
  3. We have established trusted business partners. Partners make good sense and EliteSolutions is proud of our business relationship with our partners.
  4. Provide fast, efficient service to all clients even when it means working on Weekends, evenings and starting the day early. At EliteSolutions,  companies Large and Small depend on their computer systems and we respect that.
  5. Personal Service. Yes we believe that a client should be able to call their IT support people directly. Therefore all our Network Engineers do have cell phones and yes they do answer them.
  6. Personal commitments that see continued personal development and new skills achieved. This ensures that our staff always stays informed with the latest technology and that our skills never grow stale. Our list of certifications and personal education speak for themselves.
  7. Doing what ever it takes get a job done right. Service is the core of our business and we take that aspect very seriously.
  8. Charge a fair service rate based on the services performed. You will never be over billed and you will always find our invoices to be fair.


Elite Network Solutions is always looking at ways to service clients better and this can be seen in our investments in:


  • Server to monitor your servers
  • Server for our remote support solution
  • Monitoring Software
  • Remote Support Software
  • Powerful VPN solution for our office
  • Voice over IP Solution to allow us greater flexibilitywith our phones.






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