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Servering Vancouver Island Businesses with I.T. and Technical Solutions

Some of Our Achievements

Provided software and technical training to the Ministry of Family and Children, Ministry of Highways, Chemainus First Nations. Training for the Government was to prepare their System Administrators for the year 2000 and the move into a Microsoft Windows Network. Teaching with Chemainus First Nations was to provide students with required computer skills to pursue higher education.

Computer training for Vancouver Island Realtors that allowed them to learn a critical piece of software as required for them to become successful realtors and manage MLS Listings.

Designed and implemented training materials that allowed two Colleges to have a successful MCSE program.

Successfully oversaw the implementation of :

  • Windows Terminal Services for up to 45 users running a variety of applications
  • Citrix Management of envirnments up to 670 users
  • SharePoint Server (for the management of¬†20,000 plus documents )
  • VPN solutions for up 7 remote locations connecting to a single Head Office and allow file sharing amoung all the locations
  • Successfully Migrated Novel Networks into Microsoft Networks
  • Complex Active Directory Domains that included 70 servers and three remote locations interconnected via VPN's , Virtual Servers
  • Numerous consolidations of Perforce Servers that allowed the consolidation of software code into one perforce server
  • Exchange Server setup to include secure webmail and connections to smart phones such as Iphones
  • Successful Exchange Server and Information Server setups to include Multiply Email Domains and Web Site Domains to run from a single IP Address
  • Implement backup solutions to successfully backup TeraBytes of data weekly
  • VmWare server consolidations and capacity planning to ensure maximum ROI on equipment and drive storage