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MaxNet IT Solutions provides a number of network upgrades:

  • New Certified Cable Installations - network cable is the backbone for any network. All to often we encounter patch cable strung from ceilings or cable that is not certified. Our experience is that properly installed network cable and punch down blocks by a Certified Cable Installer ensures that network will run at peak speeds.
  • Proper selection of network switches - today the number of network switches designs is numerous. Again we see expensive network switches installed that are not working at peak potential because they were the wrong switch for the job. MaxNet IT Solutions has years experience working with
    • Cisco Catalyst Layer 2 Switches
    • Layer 2 Managed and Unmanaged Switches from Linksys - Dlink - 3Com
    • Is well versed in Gigabyte Technologies - The biggest mistake that we see with this technology is the assumption that gigabyte speed solves all network speed issues. While that would be a great concept the reality is that gigabyte technology needs to be deployment with correct devices and in a correct configuration. Further network bottlenecks need to be investigated fully. All too often technicians assume before fully investigating performance issues. Our technicians have a number of tools that will quickly locate network bottlenecks and the reason for them.


Some Facts on Why Managed Network Switches Can Help Some Networks


As managed layer 2 switches continue to become popular so do the features of these switches. While Layer 2 switches were once only used in large networks today we are seeing there use more widely used due to the fact that price has dropped considerably. Some of the key advantages are the ability to shape network bandwidth through a variety of options such as QoS and bandwidth priority. These become valuable options when allocating bandwidth to services - servers etc. Some other key features are uses VLANs to separate various parts of network. This feature when teamed with wireless VLANS can be a real security and bandwidth feature.


While it is simple to buy a network switch and install the simple truth is network switching can be complex when seeking best network response times - best use of bandwidth and it really does require expert knowledge at times.


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