Network Security Devices and Solutions

MaxNet It Solutions consults - installs and manages a number of Network Security Devices such as

    Linux Firewalls and VPN Solutions - our Linux Solutions use dedicated Linux Firewall Solutions. This are special Linux versions that are only to be used to create firewalls. These are not free versions of Linux however they are feature rich and able to offer both security and performance that will rival most other hardware products. With the right hardware - processor - memory a Linux firewall can provide a scalable solution with modest costs. call us and we can advise on both software and hardware.


    VPN Routers - Due to value and costs MaxNet It Solutions uses Linksys Corporate VPN Routers for most clients. These routers are the perfect design for the small to medium network. For those larger networks we also employ Cisco PIX or Sonicwall solutions. If you require the ability to extend your local area network to interconnect with other office locations then talk to us about secure VPN options. Read our facts page about VPN's to get a better understanding of VPN options for various devices.


    Wireless Routers - Wireless VPN Routers - Wireless Access Points - can also be deployed to extend the functionality of your network. While wireless still has issues its technology has advanced enough - and its security is acceptable for  deployment even into the office. Again due to price and functionality we normally use Linksys Corporate Wireless products which are designed again around the small to medium size office.


    Microsoft ISA server setups and configurations. While this option is not widely used it does have its place. If a small business is looking at Microsoft Small Business Server then perhaps using ISA may be the answer to your security needs.



As deployment of network devices is important manage of those devices are also important. As part of our Managed Network Services we will ensure that devices such as routers and firewalls are kept up to date with firmware updates and log files are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure major security breaches do not happen. MaxNet IT Solutions takes security very seriously.




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