Members Only Site

Membership Site # 1

This is a free site that does require each user to create their own username and password. You will find on this site the following

  • discussion forum where members can ask questions share information.
  • Technical Articles for Windows Products, Novell Products, Veritas. All articles are searchable and regularly updated.
  • IT downloads of scripts, and other cool stuff.

Membership Site # 2

Need to find reference material. Our members only site contains over 1,200 e-books that cover current software, Operating Systems, Linux, Networking, Programming and the list goes on. New content is added monthly and there are no limits placed on your access to our website however you are restricted to FTP limits of 250 megs per month. The monthly fee for access to this members only site is $1.00 Canadian per month. This fee has been implemented to cover bandwidth charges only. All books are updated monthly and

Membership Site # 3

Need help with Certifications well check out the exam center in our members only site. That's right you can do a number of practice exams that are equal or better then Transcendars or Measure Up for far less the cost.  In addition you will find links to usefull course material all aimed at helping you achieve a pass grade on your exam. While I cannot guarantee that you will pass your exam you will find that Elite Solutions will strive to pass on all our expertise to you. Email the for details on how to gain access to the exam center.