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Linux Solutions for Business

Linux can be the perfect solution for small business. Linux can offer the following:

  • High Performance Scalable Firewalls
  • High Performance and Secure File Servers
  • Outstanding Solution for Desktops and Laptops

Linux and Unix has grown considerably over the past years and its products are certainly exceptional in many ways. If your a young growing business Linux or Unix could possible be your best bet to manage I.T. Costs and provide a stable work environment.

Linux can Offer High Performance Firewall Solutions

There are many Linux Distributions that are dedicated to one task and that is performing firewall duties. Linux firewalls installed on the right hardware can offer a highly scalable - high performance firewall at a fraction of what other Firewall Appliances costs.

To clear up any confusion specialty Linux Products such as high performance firewall Software Packages and even Server Products are not free versions. However the cost is very modest when compared to other alternatives. At Elite Networking Solutions we do not use free versions of Linux Firewall Solutions for the Production Servers.

Linux firewall solutions can offer:


  • Statefull packet inspection and awesome utilities and reporting solutions
  • VPN Solutions that will rival other VPN Solutions.
  • Reliable - Dependable - trouble free. Other then the odd software updates most firewall solutions runs months between reboots.
  • Highly scalable without adding new costs. Many Firewall vendors charge additional fees as you add additional users to your network and these fees can add up very quick. With a Linux Firewall solution your network can grow without adding new costs.
  • Modest Hardware Requirements. Considering the cost of a level entry server which from most vendors can start off as low as $500.00 compare that to other Solutions. You will be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

This could be the perfect solution for the growing network.

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High Performance File Servers

While Microsoft Server is a great Operating System it does require considerable hardware resources. Even the most modest server running Microsoft Server 2008 is an expensive option for Small Business. The latest versions of Linux like SUSE and Red Hat Enterprise Server and CentOS and Ubuntu are very happy running on Level Entry Servers. Check out companies like Dell - HP and you will see that a level entry server can be a great investment for those Small Businesses looking for reliable secure file servers.

In the past few years the interest in Linux has pushed this Operating Systems Developers to do more, and already we are seeing a very mature product that is quite capable. Hardware support for Linux is actually quite exceptional and more and more vendors such as printers are developing drivers for Linux.

For a fraction in hardware and software costs Small Business can enjoy powerful file and Print servers that will simply out perform most server operating systems.


Consider the following:


  1. Linux Servers are generally trouble free for years. This is a known fact!
  2. Linux Servers are now offered by some of the Largest Server Manufactures such as Dell- Acer - HP - IBM.
  3. Linux Servers are becoming easier to manage. With advances in software design Linux and Unix is becoming far easier to Learn and use.
  4. With features such as Samba - file sharing is easily integrated into Microsoft Networks. Samba has been around for years and it is designed to match file sharing just like that found on Microsoft Windows Servers.
  5. Security Threats  - Virus Problems - Updates  - Patches are less a concern for Linux and Unix.
  6. Virtual Server Software allows your Linux Server to emulate other Server Products such as Microsoft

At Elite Networking Solutions we are Red Hat Certified and we feel that Red Hat Server and CentOS versions offer the best value for small business.

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Linux Solutions for the Desktop


Linux can be the perfect solution for companies looking to extend the life of corporate desktops and laptops. As an operating system Linux Versions have matured into feature rich operating systems.

Todays Linux operating systems are similiar to the new Apple OS Snow Leopard and are incredible easy to learn and use. After all Snow Leopard is really a Unix operating system at its core.


Today there are suitable versions of Linux that offer the following:

  • Affordable - compared to the cost of Microsoft Windows Linux can save you considerable money.
  • Ease of Install and Great Hardware Support - Even laptops are now widely supported. In fact at Elite Networking Solutions we run Linux on a number of our computers and laptops.
  • With products such as Wine and Cross Over Office many Microsoft Windows Products such as Ms Office - Adobe and various accounting software packages can be installed and used. Even running Microsoft Office 2007 is no problem in Linux.
  • Trouble Free Email without the problem of Viruses or Junk Email. Many email products for Linux have features that are the same as Outlook.
  • Stable work environment - Linux runs very well and system crashes are very rare.
  • Linux now supports a wide variety of hardware, digital camera gear, smart phones and even Ipods.
  • Linux operating systems support a wide variety of printers.
  • With networking at the core for most businesses Linux performs far faster on computer networks then Microsoft Windows.

Linux can provide a number of alternatives and as development continues Linux can really be a business solution that will extend the life of your desktop and laptop computers. Call Us Today and get the real facts on how Linux can work for you!!!

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