Support for Linksys Corporate Routers

After an extensive review and testing of VPN capable routers and Voice Over IP Routers it has been decided that EliteSolutions will use Linksys Corporate routers for our clients. This decision was based on the following factors:

  1. Initial costs - Linksys does have the most aggressive pricing and models such as RV042 - RV082 - WRV54G provide some of the best features we have seen considering their price.
  2. Linksys does not charge extra for VPN options. Each router model we tested support 20 - 30 - 50 VPN Gateway to Gateway VPN Connections and each model we tested performed well with VPN's enabled
  3. Linksys does not charge a yearly fee ( service contract ) like some vendors so that router firmware can be updated.
  4. Linksys does not charge a yearly fee for technical support. While Linksys technical support is poor other vendors such as Sonicwall which does charge a yearly also has poor technical support.
  5. Linksys routers are not limited with other restrictions such as User Limits. All routers can support x number of users without adding further costs.
  6. Linksys web based management to configure various router settings is easy to understand and use and contain many powerful functions such as configuration by policies.
  7. Router performance is great. Our tests show that all models mentioned above regularly test at our full internet speed of 7mbits.

Linksys Corporate Routers offer the best bang for the dollar and until other vendors such as Sonicwall - Checkpoint can offer models that are attractive for the small to medium size business EliteSolutions will continue supporting Linksys.


We should also mention that Linksys continues to be leader in Voice Over IP Solutions. Again if your a small business looking at this feature we encourage you to explore what Linksys can offer. EliteSolutions has been using Linksys Voice over IP Solutions for the past several months and its performance has been flawless to date.




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