Remote Help Desk Support Services for Windows Desktops and Servers

Effective software support is a challenge for any IT firm. EliteSolutions has implemented a number of support services that allows us to successfully support software in an affective manner.




The cost of being able to do service calls has risen sharply for all service related companies. While most companies simply raise rates to offset costs MaxNet IT Solutions has looked into other solutions that will allow us the following

  maintain current rates which are extremely competitive for Vancouver Island.

  offer a new remote support solution that could eliminate a vast number of service calls.

  offer this service at a cheaper rate then that charged for support visits - after all this type of service call also saves money for MaxNet IT Solutions.

  team up with a company that has the best software solution to implement this service.

While remote support is not new, most of the software requires clients to download various Java plugins, or configure firewalls and the list goes on. MaxNet IT Solutions selected Syberfix which is a solution that has all the tools, features, and security required to fix computers remotely and requires no special configuration on client computers. This means entire networks are easily supported with our help desk software.  More information is available at

Key Points on this Webpage

Remote Support Software Features

Terms and Conditions using our Support Software

What Kind of Support Services and Can be Offered with this Software

Software Download and Installation

Remote Support Software Features

  Can be used to support any Windows computer from Windows 95 to Server 2003. This software cannot be used on Apples, or Linux Operating systems.

  Clients are required to install a small program on their computers. Complete instructions are available and it is very easy to install. You can download the software via this website.

  Supported Internet Connections are both modems and broadband. Even a 28.8 modem connection can be used.

  Support Services are on demand. This means you make the request via your computer using the client software. Your request will be entered into our queue and a support engineer will be assigned to your support call. Normal wait time is 20 minutes.

  Complete networks can be easily supported as no firewall configuration is required.

  Service rates are $55.00 per hour and you are billed to the nearest 15 minutes. Extensive time logging for all service calls is maintained by both the client software and our server software. This reflects into fair billing without mistakes, and at a glance you will always know how much you owe for the service calls performed to date.

  Security features are built into the client software which will allow you as the client to restrict access to files on your system. All clients will be given a tour of the software once installed. There is no charge for this tour.

  Support hours are 7:00 AM  - 10:00 PM Pacific Time Monday thru to Friday and service calls will be supported for Canada and US clients.

Support services are available for Vancouver Island only on Saturdays and Sundays between 10:00AM and 2:00 PM. As this service grows into other locations additional support times will be established.

Term and Conditions to Using MaxNet IT Solutions Remote Desktop Support Services

While you are welcome to download our client software at anytime you as a client should be aware of the following;

- When you download our software you will be required as part of the installation to provide your name, address, email address. This information will be used for billing purposes and you will be notified via email that your software has been successfully registered to MaxNet. If you are concerned about providing this information you are welcome to review our privacy policy. This information is collect strictly for billing reasons, and to identify clients when they request service.

- You as a client once you have installed our software and request service you are also acknowledging that you are accepting MaxNet IT Solutions billing rates of $55.00 per hour. Our preferred billing method is invoices sent via email, however postal mail can also be used.

-  Our Billing is by invoice only and all invoices are due on receipt. We do not send monthly statements unless your accounting dept require those arrangements.

- Should you request a service call and our Support Engineers are not able to resolve your issue there will be no charge for that service instance.

- Should a support call require additional resources such as support from Microsoft you will be billed for those extra services. In instances where deemed necessary MaxNet IT Solutions may turn over support calls to Microsoft or other Support Companies in which case you will be billed by those companies and not MaxNet IT Solutions.

-  While MaxNet IT Solutions stands behind their work there are no warranties for any remote service support.

-  Complaints -  please direct all complaints to company President John Rice


Remote Support Software Common Uses

Some of the more common uses for this software in terms of providing support for hardware and software are;

  installation of drivers for common devices like printers, scanners, digital camera, palm devices.

  configure common hardware such as that mentioned above.

  manage network shares, install network printers, create and manage user accounts, manage and configure firewalls, reconfigure networks, manage network devices and computers.

  troubleshoot and update software - MaxNet is well versed in Microsoft, Adobe, Macromedia, Simply Accounting, Quick Books.

  Troubleshoot computer issues as it relates to hardware and software.

  Provide one on one software training for common business applications.

  Create templates for documents, and spreadsheets.

  Configure backups and manage your backups. We can even upload files easily to your computer and install applications.

Keep in mind that this service cannot address all computer issues remotely however our Support Engineers will be able to quickly source the issues and decide if an actual service call to your site is required.


Software Download and Installation Instructions

Our client software is provided free of charge. This is a 5 meg download which should be a quick download for most connections. The file is a zip file that will need to extracted for installation.

download MaxNet Syberfix client

1/ Extract the zip file to a location on your computer. The most common location is a download folder or your desktop. Extract the zip file which will produce a single exe file. Double click to launch install.

2/ The installation is password protected. The password is 7321827 which you will need to enter to continue the installtion.

3/ After you have completed the installation you will find a new icon on your desktop.

4/ Double click on this icon and complete the following instructions

Most cases you will select new account. Even for businesses with multi computers please select new. This allows the software to track users and computers. If you are reinstalling the client then select existing.


You may select Personal or if you are a business then select business

You must complete all required fields regardless if you are selecting personal or business.


At present MaxNet can only support English.


This is your completed information. If it is not correct you may use the back button and fix. Click on the next button to continue.

8/ You now have a chance to enter a password.

This ensures that only you can request support. This is a very valuable feature for business as this allows managers to control support costs.

9/ Your Finished the installation.


The next steps are as follows

Double click the icon on your desk for syberfix. It will take a bit to launch the application as info is being verified. Be patient!

Next you will need to select the CSC

Click next to continue

Enter in Maxnet. This is not case sensitive.

Select day rate as shown and the next button will become active. Please note rate 15 minutes are billed at $13.75. All billing is the the nearest 15 minutes ie 20 minutes is billed as 15 minutes, 25 minutes is billed at 30 minutes.

This shows MaxNet information etc. Click on the next button.

Click yes on the Service Agreement. Please note our policy is no resolution no charge.

Your finished and you will need to click on the finish button.

It will take time for your software to register with our server. You will receive an email that your registration has been approved. In the meantime you should be be able to request service in approx 20 minutes. If you cannot call 250-713-2709 and our Support Engineer will push the request through.

When you request you will see the following screen. Click send request

Please put in details and select between restricted and trusted. The difference is restricted  allows our Support Engineers to only examine the system. Trusted allows our Support Engineers to control the system. These options can also be changed during the support call.

If you experience any problems with these instructions please call 250-713-2709

Last Updated 09/22/2005

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