Remote Software Install Instructions

1/ Extract the zip file to a location on your computer. The most common location is a download folder or your desktop. Extract the zip file which will produce a single exe file. Double click to launch install











2/ The installation is password protected. The password is 7321827 which you will need to enter to continue the installation.





3/ After you have completed the installation you will find a new icon on your desktop.





4/ Double click on this icon and complete the following instructions.





Most cases you will select new account. Even for businesses with multi computers please select new. This allows the software to track users and computers. If you are reinstalling the client then select existing.







You may select Personal or if you are a business then select business.





You must complete all required fields regardless if you are selecting personal or business.






At present EliteSolutions can only support english.






This is your completed information. If it is not correct you may use the back button and fix. Click on the next button to continue.



8/ You now have a chance to enter a password.





This is a protection feature that can be used or not. In large networks this would help control who requests service calls.



9/ Your finished installation.





The next steps are as follows



Double click the icon on your desk for syberfix. It will take a bit to launch the application as info is being verified. Be patient! When your client is successfuly verified the select CSC button will no longer be grey out.





Next you will need to select the CSC





Click next to continue





Choose the same options as above and type in Maxnet.This is not case sensitive.





Select day rate as shown and the next button will become active. Please note rate 15 minutes are billed at $13.75. All billing is the the nearest 15 minutes ie 20 minutes is billed as 15 minutes, 25 minutes is billed at 30 minutes.





This shows information about MaxNet. Click next to continue





You will need to click on the yes button to accept the license aggreement





Click the finish button and this completes the installation




You will need to wait until your new software has been accepted by our server. Usually this happens in less then 30 minutes. You will know that your installation has been accepted when can make a service request.

Please also note that each time you launch this software not all the buttons such as the request button will be active for approx 2 or more minutes. Please be patient as the software does have to authenticate against our server each time its launched.







When you do make a service request you will always have the option between restricted or trusted and this option can be changed during the service call.





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