Hosting Terms Explained

Domain Pointers - Domain pointers, also referred to as extra domains, are domain names that share the same IP address, disk space and transfer as the primary domain. Extra domains do not include mail accounts, but 250 accounts may be added


Security Names - Security usernames are used to get in your website via FrontPage or can be placed on directories to limit access.


Site Center - Site center is a remarkably easy-to-use online site builder, site editor and file manager. In just 5 quick steps, you can have a new, professional-looking website built and published to your web space.


CTZencart  - is a robust, yet easy-to-use, shopping cart based on the osCommerce GPL code. As it is open source, and built using PHP, you can quickly and easily get it set up


CT Advantage Pak - is a collection of helpful scripts that you can easily plug into your website to add functionality with very little effort. Each and every script is provided as is, but has been installed and tested on the network by our Network Administrators. The script authors may have terms that you need to follow, so please abide by their wishes as they have put a lot of time and effort into building and providing these scripts. You may also want to check each link provided for updated versions of each script, or for additional assistance with customization, installation, etc.


CT Control Center is one of the leading web site management interfaces in the hosting industry. Using it customers are provided with nearly 100% online management of their web hosting accounts, including multiple site management, mail management, access to web site statistics, and countless other features.


POP 3/IMAP  - A total of 2 gigs of disk space can be used  for email and 3 GB of bandwidth per month. This ensures all businesses have enough space and bandwidth to keep email running.


Spam Filtering  - Using SmarterMail, customers have the ability to set their own spam filters, at both the domain and the individual user level. Create rules for spam, using any one or a combination of a number of different spam lists, reverse lookups, verify sender, and even Bayesian Filtering. SmarterMail gives you control over your inbox and allows you to only receive the mail you want.


Real Time Virus Scanning  - offers active, real-time virus scanning on all shared servers, including SQL, mail and backup servers. This means that not only are our servers virus-free, but we also scan all incoming and outgoing email in order to protect local machines of our customers.


Content Filtering  - Using SmarterMail, customers have the ability to set their own content filters, at both the domain and the individual user level. Using content filtering, you can direct specific mail to specific locations. For example, if you receive any newsletters, you can create a 'newsletters' folder and have SmarterMail send specific email directly to that folder versus having them sit in your inbox. Content filtering is an excellent way to organize your inbox, giving you the freedom to read the mail you want, when you want.

Aliases/Forwarding - Often companies want to provide a,, mailboxes but don't want to check each mailbox individually. Using Aliases, you can have mail sent to the above addresses actually route to one primary mailbox, either on your domain or on another domain. All plans allow for unlimited aliases as they are not actual email accounts that are created on a mail server. However, please be aware that mail that routes through an alias still may count against your total monthly messages sent allocation.


Auto Responders - Auto responders allow you to provide a mailbox that will send an immediate response back to the sender. In some cases, you may want to automatically acknowledge you have received an email and respond to it later.


SMTP Authentication - SMTP authentication helps ensure that mail sent from your mail accounts is actually sent by you, thus lowering the possibility of your domain, your IP or your mail server from being blocked by one, or more, of the various ISPs, spam lists, etc., that monitor mail traffic. Enabling SMTP authentication simply means that outgoing mail is validated against the domain the mail is sent from, and that the sender is an actual mail account attached to that domain. SMTP authentication is enabled by default on all hosting Plans.


Extra Features – Extra Bandwidth – Extra Email Accounts – Restore of Database – Extra Disk Space are all available as needed.


WebMail  - Our web mail on our hosting plans is one of the best in the business. You can even buy an add-on that will sync your outlook to your webmail domain wide.








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