Creating 2D Text


1. Click on the Create Tab to open the Create command panel.
2. Click on the Shapes Icon and choose Splines from the drop-down list.
3. Click on the Text button to indicate that you want to create text.
4. Place the cursor in any unused area of the command panel. The cursor changes into a hand icon.
5. Click and drag the command panel up to put the Interpolation Section at the top of the panel.
6. Click on the Interpolation Section header bar.

The bar shows a minus sign in the left-hand part of the bar, which indicates that you can scroll the section up, out of the way.

7. Click the down arrow to open the drop-down list in the Parameters section so that you can see the list of fonts.
8. Choose the desired text font.
9. Highlight the text in the Text area at the end of the sub-section so that you can type in your own text.
10. Type in four characters or less for use in your animation
11. Type a number in the Size box to specify the size of the text.

12. Click near the center of the Front viewport to place the center of your text.



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