Adding a Sound Track to Your Animation


When you insert a sound file, you can view the track for the sound, which looks like a series of vertical lines of different heights packed together. This represents the sound. The higher the vertical lines, the louder the sound. The duration of the sound is represented by the horizontal length of the sound track. When you insert a sound file, it may play over a longer time than the number of frames in your animation. When this happens, the sound file is truncated to the length of the animation.

Wave sound files do not have any timing information, so you must use your own judgment in adjusting the placement of the sound.

To add a sound file to your animation, you use the Track View dialog box.

1. Right-click the Camera view port name to open the View port dialog box.
2. Choose Swap Layouts to change the Top and Front view ports to Track View.
3. Click the word Sound near the top of the Hierarchy list to highlight it.
4. Right click on the highlighted word and choose Properties from the Track Options dialog box. The Sound Options dialog box opens.

5. Click the Choose Sound button. This lets you choose a sound file from your computer system.
6. Choose the sound file, which may be a .wav or the sound portion of an .avi file. This allocates the sound to the Sound track in the Track View panel.

7. OK the Sound Options dialog box.
8. Click the + sign in the small circle on the left of the green cone in the sound track line. The sound file shows in the Wave Form track.

The Track View display replaces the Top and Front viewports. If you cannot see all of the sound file in this view, you can open an independent, re-sizable Track View by choosing Track View from the Edit pull-down menu.

Click and drag the white box at the left end of the black line at the top of the Track View to determine the relative position of the sound track. The two white boxes show the start and the end of the sound. You cannot adjust the sound itself, but you can determine when it begins to play.

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