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Some of Our Website and Web Hosting Clients


Seakunga - very large website for international kayak tours. The key to this site was presenting tons of information but in a way that people can easily located. This website is controlled with 4 templates which provides 4 distinct themes to the the site . Adding pages can be done in minutes and this also updates all tool bars as needed. This site does have over 100 webpages.


Great Bear Kayaking - a small site with a theme keep it simple. This website scales very well with different monitor sizes and resolution.


Orca Sea Kayaking - larger website that again has lots of information. This site does use lots of graphics and as such web pages were optimized for quick loads and still maintain great images. This site started with a simple page layout that is design to rescale to fit monitor resolution. From there a dreamweaver site template was created. Adding new pages and updating the site navigation is easy via the dreamweaver template.

This site was designed to ensure that non Explorer Web Browser will work as most of the website traffic is Europe.


Telegraph Cove Kayaking - yes another kayak site on Vancouver Island. This site features a great entry page. Once inside the site the pages use another design that offers a clean easy to read website. All images were optimized for fast page loads. Again Dreamweaver was used to design the site templates.


Johnstone Strait Kayak Tours - simple site designed in dreamweaver. The aim of this site is again keep it easy to read and make sure all browsers will work.

Rocky Creek Winery - tough site as they wanted to maintain orginal letterhead logo and have website colours that match their photo's. This site is not hosted on our web hosting service so it is slow on some days even though images were well optimized. Over all a pleasant site.