About Us



 What Is Elite Solutions

We are a team of dedicated IT professionals who have been providing IT Solutions since 1991. With extensive education, many key industry  certifications such as Novell, Microsoft, Cisco, Linux and a commitment to our clients EliteSolutions can deliver cost effective IT Solutions for your business.

With our years experience this has also allowed us to partner with a number companies to further our ability to deliver IT Solutions. This allows you the client to know your getting the best value for your dollars.

One of our key business focuses are small to medium size networks  as we recognize that those are the companies that are best able to benefit from the services that we provide. Consider us as your on demand 24/7 IT Team when you need us.

Should you require further information we will be happy to provide you with a detailed corporate profile that clearly outlines our skills and expertise. Please send your inquiry to



Our Clients

Canada now has new laws regarding privacy. With respect for our clients we will not display their names on a public website. All client details is  contained in our corporate profile and when Elite Solutions enters into a business agreement to provide services to a business we will be happy to provide this business with our confidential corporate profile. You can feel assured that when your dealing with EliteSolutions or Hennessy Information that you are dealing with innovative leaders in the IT Industry. Our staff have the skills to deliver.