24/7 Server Monitoring Service

EliteSolutions offers 24/7 Server Monitoring to complement our Server Service Contracts and Managed Network Services. Our monitoring service aims at maintaining a high level of server uptime for your business as this service allows our support engineers to see in real time the current state of your servers.

Heck we will even monitor your servers for free for six months. Setup fee's do apply but all other costs are waived for 6 months.


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Server Monitoring Overview


Consider the following -  a lot of IT companies offer support contracts for Servers - but can they offer 24/7 server monitoring of all your critical network services? Our monitoring service was months in the making and its sole purpose is to add value to our support contracts. Our Solution provides the following;

  • Real time view of your servers 24/7 - logging in to your servers and reviewing log files etc are only a small part of managing a server. Our powerful solution provides real time stats as they happen and we are able to generate powerful reports that will allow us to advise
    • Server needs
    • Server upgrades
    • hardware upgrades
  • Review of critical services and notification when those services are failing. This allows us to be truly proactive with our technical support.
  • Review of Server hardware and notification when those hardware components are about to fail such as
    • hard drives
    • CPU overload


Based on our experience often servers are located into areas where they are not readily accessible. Often those same servers are not even looked at from one day to the next. With our monitoring solutions you will know that your server is always being watched with real time reports and stats. Even pending failure of hard drives can be easily detected before they happen.


To further enhance this service - priority technical support is given to all critical warnings and our support engineers do respond within minutes to those warnings. If a site visit is required this is also given a priority status in our work cues and a support engineer is dispatched to your location without delay.

Our normal response time are as follows:

Nanaimo 30 minutes or less -Other points of Vancouver Island 1 - 2 hours - Lower Mainland one to 2 hours depending on traffic and time of day


Our monitoring solutions is able to monitor and report on the following server types:

  • Windows 2000 Servers
  • Windows 2003 Servers
  • Red Hat Linux
  • SuSE Linux
  • Mandrake Linux
  • Fedora Linux


What can Be Monitored

Our solution provides extensible monitoring checks for many key services such as:

  • Exchange Server 2000 and 2003
  • SQL Server
  • IIS Server
  • ISA Server
  • DNS Server
  • Apache Server
  • Samba Server
  • Pop Servers
  • SMTP Servers
  • Terminal Servers

Just to mention a few!

Our solution can also monitor other server critical items such as:

  • CPU use
  • Hard drive space and state
  • Printer Connections
  • Running Services
  • Network Time Servers
  • Folder Sizes
  • Security Queries

If your server is a Windows Based Server our monitoring solution can also be modified to suit your particular monitoring requirements.


How Our Service Works

The first step with our service is setting up your network to allow EliteSolutions to monitor your servers. This initial setup does require approx one hour and in most cases can be completed remotely. To find out if our monitoring service can work for your network please contact our support engineers serveradmin@elitesolutions.info and we will be more then happy to discuss hardware requirements for our remote monitoring solution.



Once your network has been configured to be monitored the next step is adding your servers to our lists and set up the services to be monitored. In addition email alerts can be configured to send to your support staff and our support engineers.


Weekly reports on server status are sent via email Mondays to all clients. These reports can be very detailed and are usually sent in HTML format. An XML format can be sent which would allow these reports to be imported into other applications such as Excel. This would allow performance trends etc to be easily established and tracked over a period of time.


When a server experiences various failures our monitoring software does send emails to all email accounts configured. If EliteSolutions does maintain your technical support one of our support engineers will log into your servers if possible and review and fix as needed. If your server is in a downstate one of our support engineers will be dispatched to your location without delay. Once damage has been reviewed additional support such as Microsoft will be called to help in getting your server up and running as fast as possible.


Monitoring Costs

Monitoring costs are based on the following:

  • Existing Client and you are currently on our server support contract this service is included in your contract. All setup fee's are waived.
  • Existing Client no server support contract.
    • Setup fee $50.00 regardless of server count
    • Monthly monitoring costs are by quotation only. All clients will receive weekly HTML Reports, monthly XML Reports in Excel format
    • access to a password protected web directory to view your daily overview report.


If your interested in this service feel free to contact us for a no obligation price quote. Send your inquiry to info@elitesolutions.info. Call us today and enjoy six months of free service.





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